e l i z a b e t h   m i l l e r   j e w e l r y   D E S I G N


nature inspired jewelry  

handcrafted in sterling silver and gold


Elizabeth Miller, designer/silversmith      

Studios in Newburyport, MA & Ludlow, VT


Welcome . . . 

Using hammer and torch, I form and forge sterling silver and gold fill into fresh and modern jewelry designs that are rooted in nature.

Whether working in my home studio in the seaside town of Newburyport, MA or my gallery studio in the mountain town of Ludlow, VT, I draw inspiration from the lovely details of the natural world around me . . . from the architecture of trees, to the movement of tides, to breezy wildflowers.

Earthy, elegant, fluid and light, my designs are offered to inspire in those who wear them the joy and creative spirit with which they're made!